Innovated Platform For Staff Training

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Do staff trainings stress you out due to the high maintenance needs? Does your staff get confused with their training schedules or does they not understand their training needs? The UC-Now introduced the innovated Online Staff Training Platform HK which allows enterprises to better organize their employee’s training. The Online Staff Training Platform, presented by UC-Now, acknowledged not only the need of enterprises to provide trainings to their staff, but they are also aware of employee’s eagerness to fit in trainings to their own busy schedule. Online Staff Training Platform HK encourages professional development by creating this unique online platform to fulfil both companies and trainees’ needs. The Online Staff Training Platform has countless unique features from organizing a training to consolidating training information after training. Our Online Staff Training Platform HK allows companies to set up their available trainings on the platform, while letting staff to book in and schedule their desired training. Trainers can access the Online Staff Training Platform and post pre-training questionnaires and upload pre-readings so staff can study prior to the training. During training sessions, our Online Staff Training Platform HK enables all kinds of interesting interaction, which not only enhance the training experience but will also facilitate the trainings. After the training session, staff who are unable to attend the training on time can log on to our Online Staff Training Platform and watch the automatically pre-recorded recordings. Training today must stand out and must be able to interest staff so that they can develop professionally.