Virtual info day solution in a nutshell

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Life has been pretty strange lately – the compulsory mask wearing, strict social distancing measures and hoarding of hand sanitizers are nothing like we have experienced before. Even planning our next steps to university has become more challenging than ever. Since universities cannot invite students to campus for Open Day just yet, a virtual info day becomes the only solution available. Activities such as chatting with current students about accommodation, student finance, and well-being, exploring a wide range of degrees, taking a live tour of the campus, checking out the facilities, etc. can all be made possible with the help of an ideal virtual info day solution. Usually there are virtual spaces such as “auditorium”, “faculty exhibit halls”, “student hub”, and “welcome desk” for easy and convenient navigation around the event. Should students have any questions or want to speak to anyone, they can use the “live chat” function at the booths and during live question and answer sessions. They can also download videos and e-books after the event as well.

Businesses are going online and virtual just like universities. An online employee training solution is desirable in the eyes of many as it simplifies the process of scheduling and facilitates management.  From setting specific, measureable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals, creating a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly training plan, addressing the employee’s existing knowledge and skills, to finding the right materials, and evaluating success, proper scheduling is essential in an employee training solution. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there are many employee training schedule templates available online for reference.