What Should Parents Look for When Hiring an ISEB Math Tutor?

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Independent schools across the world, especially in the UK, mostly use the Common Entrance examinations produced by the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB). The exam also goes by the name ISEB. To achieve better results, parents typically hire an ISEB Math Tutor, considering the difficulty of the exam.

Students take the ISEB exam at the age of 11 and 13 (apart from individual exceptions). Hiring an ISEB Math Tutor is a great decision. However, not every teacher has the right approach designed for these age groups. For that reason, it’s important to hire a tutor that will truly help.

Vic Li is a Boarding School Math Tutor from Hong Kong. He works with clients of different ages, which helps him understand students’ needs better. His tutoring methodology bases on filling the gaps that students have regarding mathematics and helping them build the knowledge to a satisfactory level.

As an ISEB Math Tutor, Vic covers all the areas required for the ISEB exam. Some of them are “algebra”, “numbers”, “geometry and measures”, “ratio, proportion, and rates of change”, “probability” and “statistics”. Parents should book a consultation with the Boarding School Math Tutor to ensure their children go through all the mentioned topics and learn from them.

Vic Li specialized in his teaching techniques during the COVID-19 quarantine. He works with clients from different parts of the world and creates convenient schedules designed to fit the time zone of his customer and maximize the efficiency of the tutoring lessons. Vic is the Boarding School Math Tutor that not only helps students get the best results on the exam but also helps them understand mathematics better and apply the lessons to future studies.