Teen Mental Health is the Key to Prosperous Future of teen

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KELY Support Group is a nonprofit organization that provides an exceptional Teen Mental Health Service HK. With a team of professionals and effective programs, this group has been helping young people manage mental health issues and understand the dangers of harmful substances. Educating youth on such critical aspects is essential in the prevention of drugs and alcohol misuse, as well as the development of mental health issues caused by stress, bullying, and other aspects that may affect young lives.

Mental Health Support

One of the highly efficacious KELY’s programs is Coolminds. This Teen Mental Health Support HK service promotes mental health awareness and offers support to youth in Hong Kong. Through a set of activities and workshops, young people learn how to recognize and manage emotions. Professionals teach the participants how to react in stressful situations and control negative feelings. Through this program, young people obtain skills and knowledge that can be helpful in the present and future. The teaching methods are engaging and entertaining, which contributes to the outstanding effects of this program.

Coolminds is also helping teachers and parents learn how to deal with the mental health of young people. The Teen Mental Health Service HK provides high-quality information and materials that educators can access anytime. Thus, they can seek assistance and enhance the influence of the program with daily practices. KELY trains parents and teachers on how to recognize all the signs of mental health problems and how to react in certain circumstances. 

KELY invites all educational institutions in Hong Kong to integrate the Teen Mental Health Service HK into their regular schedules and positively impact youth in the region in long term.