Nina Mall Food Amazes Locals and Tourists in Hong Kong

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You can get delicious Nina Mall Food at your table and enjoy different world cuisines in some of the 20 restaurants if you visit this luxury mall in the center of Hong Kong. Whether you are a member of the VIP Club or not, tasty foods will make you consider joining this elite group.

What is Nina Mall VIP membership? – It is a Club of privileged guests. You gain amazing advantages that will improve your experience at the mall and make you feel at home. The system revolves around points that you can use to redeem shopping coupons. You can use those points for Nina Mall Food, Tsuen Wan West parking, shopping, and other great discounts at the mall. 

Tsuen Wan West parking has over 400 parking spaces. You won’t have to worry about your vehicle at all. Use the Nina Mall app to check the car park’s real-time vacancy. Then, park your car safely and continue using the advantages of the VIP membership.

Nina Mall Food has tasty dishes for every visitor. Regardless of the type of food you like, you will certainly find new favorite dishes in the mall’s restaurants. You can try exclusive Ikigai concepts, Asian Delights, Western Delicacies, and much more. Take your time to try them all. While you are gaining new experiences, you will also gather points on your VIP account.

If you spend more than $100 at the mall, you will get 1 free parking hour; spend $200 and you will get 2 free hours at the Tsuen Wan West parking from Monday to Friday. During weekends and Public Holidays, you can get 1 free parking hour if you spend $300 or above, 2 hours if you spend $500 +, and 3 hours of free parking if you spend more than $600 at the Nina Mall (this discount is valid only for Nina Club members).