Wine School Hong Kong Turns Passion for Wines into Skills

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CorVino, a reputable Wine School Hong Kong is inviting enthusiasts to explore the world of wines with the assistance of specialists in the field. Educators at CorVino are passionate about what they teach, which makes the courses interesting, engaging, and easy to understand. Through various practices and workshops, CorVino experts help people become knowledgeable and skillful in wine tasting.

CorVino was founded over 15 years ago. Since the foundation, this company has been using an innovative approach and accuracy to get positive results. Thus, the founders partnered with prestigious wine companies and hired top-class staff that contributed to today’s impeccable reputation of this Wine School Hong Kong.

At CorVino, people can choose how far they want to progress in the world of wines. If they want to learn essential skills like exploring wines through smell, sight, and taste, course attendees can take the first levels of the WSET course. In case they are want to get more involved in the industry, interested wine lovers can attend courses of higher level that will help them become professional wine tasters.

CorVino is a modern Wine School Hong Kong that helps members with skills and knowledge but also enriches them with new, fun experiences. There are frequent corporate events and training where wine enthusiasts meet and share their stories. Wine appreciation events are extremely interesting. Course attendees have an opportunity to meet reputable contacts and learn more about wines by winemakers, and sommeliers. Becoming a part of CorVino takes wine tasting to a whole new level so people that enjoy quality wines are highly advised to gain new skills and knowledge at this Wine School Hong Kong.