Multifunction Photocopier Aims to Enter All Modern Offices

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SHARP Corporation launched a multifunction photocopier that aims to become an essential part of modern offices in Hong Kong. This manufacturer is known for innovative solutions that they provide with devices from numerous categories.

The multifunction photocopier, as the name implies, serves more than one purpose. Therefore, it is not only a photocopier. This product is also a scanner, fax machine, printer, and banner printer! Printing banners in the office is a new feature that office workers didn’t have access to before. Now, they can print papers up to 1.2m long, without exiting the office!

Apart from selling the multifunction photocopier, SHARP is also offering IT Support in Hong Kong. This company has numerous partners in the region; customers can order services that will contribute to high-quality, productive office work.

The IT Support can set up one or more computers, set up the network, install the business software and Antivirus, and provide Data Backup, among other services. Having a reliable IT team that will assist companies in any circumstances is extremely important. In case there are system or data issues, the IT Support must react quickly. Only proper, timely service can save vulnerable systems and ensure there are no consequences of the malfunction.

For that reason, every responsible company should keep the number of the IT Support at the speed dial. Whether it’s an urgent case or the firm needs to improve/upgrade the systems, a team of experts associated with SHARP Corporation will be available for any tasks in Hong Kong.