Printer Rental Plan

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Every company needs to print documents at one time or another. But the price of a printer is not cheap. If you need to buy several printers, the expense will be quite large. In addition, employees also need to manage printers and regularly order toner, etc. As long as you purchase a flexible printer rental plan, you can save yourself these troubles. According to the research results, printing costs can be saved up to 30%.

Most of the printer rental services in the market are charged monthly. If the print quantity specified in the contract is exceeded, the fee will be charged one by one, and the contract period is usually for minimum five to six years. Some printer rental plans are much more flexible. Those companies will tailor-made solutions to suit their customers’ needs. The contract period is at least one year, and the monthly fee paid will include printer rental, toner and technical support. Users can also adjust the print quantity at any time, allowing companies to easily cope with the low and peak seasons of document printing.

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