Security Cameras that Work in Complete Darkness

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I believe you have seen outdoor security cameras before. Have you ever wondered how they work in darkness? Can they capture high-quality videos? Well, yes, if it is a thermal camera. Hong Kong companies and organizations usually purchase a thermal camera for the reasons below. First of all, a thermal camera is stable. Whether in zero light, backlight, strong light, shadow, fog, smoke, or rain, a thermal camera can provide stable and clear video, which is nice for Hong Kong companies that place their surveillance cameras outdoors. The second reason is that a thermal camera has an accurate alarm. Hong Kong banks in particular can benefit from a thermal camera because its deep learning algorithms reduce false alarms triggered by non-human and non-vehicle objects.

A high level of security aside, the benefits of a thermal camera are far beyond your imagination. For instance, a large number of Hong Kong companies opt for a thermal camera for fire risk detection. Such a camera provides accurate temperature measurement, so it can effectively find hot spots and invisible defects on machines. If you are interested, have a look at what Guardsec offers. Guardsec features excellent brands, namely Axxon Nextx, Bosch, Axxon Intellect, DiSS, Osma, Sony, and VidoNet. DiSS and Bosch are two brands you should try out.